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For any injury involving the joints of the body, in particular knees, shoulders, low back, spine, ankles, hips and neck and whether the injury is acute or long term, acupuncture uses a targeted and intelligent approach to trigger a specific immune response involving the body’s innate cells.


The body knows how to resolve any injury. Acupuncture is a suggestive therapy, guiding and amplifying your body's healing capacity to work more effectively and more quickly for better lasting results.



Chinese herbs will change your life. Period. They are a complement to acupuncture and a treatment on their own. The herbs correct imbalance and remind your body of proper physiological function. If you are too hot the herbs cool you, if you are too dry, they gently nourish and restore. Herbal treatments run two weeks per dose and include a proprietary anti-inflammatory diet to maximize results. Herbal therapy can address all manner of chronic imbalance. We will find the right combination to bring your health vision to life.

Herbal Medicine


Getting you better is my job but staying there is your responsibility. I provide a plan based on your presentation and outlook  to keep you well and make wellness a lifestyle, not just a temporary destination. Foods to eat, foods to avoid, exercise plans, mental training, I lead you step by step, until your whole life radiates your commitment to wellness. Every person is profoundly different and my coaching makes this difference an advantage and empowers my clients to become their own powerful health care provider.

Nutrition Lifestyle
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